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  • Link: How To Write Your Name

    A lovely video I found via the great blog The Cramped.

  • Who?

    29 August, 2014

    By Mark and Logan

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  • Aletheia

    Aletheia, meaning “all truth,” “unclosedness,” “unconcealedness.”1

    Consider this a sister to our ongoing project The Bible and the Poor. We welcome submissions to this page via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

    When the Spirit of truth comes, she will guide you into all truth; for she will not speak of her own authority, but will speak whatever she hears, and she will declare to you the things that are to come. – John 16:13

    But when the complete comes, the partial shall come to an end. – 1 Corinthians 13:10

    A student said to his teacher, “Master, teach me Zen.” The teacher replied, have you eaten your meal?” “Yes.” “Then wash your bowl.” – Case 7: The Gateless Gate

    Goso said, “When you meet a Man of the Way on the road, greet him not with words, nor with silence. Tell me, how will you greet him?” – Case 36 The Gateless Gate

    Let me wake in the night / and hear it raining / and go back to sleep – Wendell Berry

    It is okay to eat the rain. – A bear

    1. See also, apocalypsis 

  • Link: John Wesley's Radical Synthesis

    I get pretty tired of the word “radical” (see also, “revolutionary”) getting thrown around in Christian reflection, but it works here. John Wesley doesn’t get enough credit for being a true intellectual force.

    Also, reading this, it’s amazing how much Wesleyan theology has shaped my own way of being and knowing.


  • Link: Marilynne Robinson's Small, Rich Body of Work - Entertainment - The Atlantic

    From the article: “Can a novelist who produces only three works of fiction in 32 years be considered great? Can an essayist whose primary concerns—the compatibility of Christian dogma with science, the liberal origins of Calvinism—are far outside mainstream American thought be considered great?”

    In a word? Yes. Marilynne Robinson has written more than one work that could be tacked onto the end of the Bible and remain there peacefully. I recommend starting with her novel Gilead and a collection of essays titled The Death of Adam.